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Andrew and Em at Mandalay Bus
Andrew and Em at Mandalay Bus

And then, just like that, it was time to create a blog!
Hello to all you friends of feasting and Canberra comrades, and welcome to Andrew and Emelia’s Food Adventures!

Making El Salvadorean Papusas
We are just normal people, with an extraordinary love of cooking, food, and people! Making El Salvadorean Papusas
Awesome Em!
Awesome Em!

We’ve got lots in store for you on this site…. We’ll be cooking, eating out and telling you what we think of the food we eat while we were out and taking you with us to events here in the capital. Why do we do this? We’re here to learn! We’re here to study the modern Canberran! What do the locals do in Canberra? Where do they eat and drink, how do they pass the time? Who is this little known Canberra creature and how do we study them together? We want to know if this reputation we’ve got as being conservative and boring is merited or not. (It’s not of course!)


We want you involved too, not just in social media but we’ll be arranging events too, so come along! We’ve already done one that we’ll be posting a video for in the next day or so so look out for it! :)


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